How are honest ratings of online casinos in the Czech Republic created?

For most players, choosing a truly safe and fair online casino to play is not an easy task. Because there are a number of unscrupulous establishments that operate without a license. They usually cheat players and often do not pay out winnings. There are so many of them on the Internet today that it is almost impossible to choose an honest online casino on your own. And so we decided to create our own assessment of the best casinos, which, in our opinion, work honestly.

The first lines of our list are filled only by verified online casinos. An impeccable reputation and safety are our top priorities.

In our ranking of online casinos, we have collected only those that, in our opinion, correspond to a high level of security, reliability and honesty. We will never recommend establishments with bad player reviews and without a license, so you can choose a good Czech online casino here, play licensed slot machines, and also withdraw money if you win.

We spend about 20 hours evaluating one casino. Of course, if the casino has a long history, it can take much longer. This is because we learn absolutely everything about institutions: we analyze forums, find out the objectivity of complaints, study intermediary sites and reviews.

Our goal is only one thing - to collect reliable information about the casino and give it the rating it really deserves.

When creating reviews of proven online casinos, we took into account many factors. We believe that the best online casinos should have the following features:

  • accepts players from the Czech Republic
  • works under license
  • has an excellent reputation
  • we offer a wide range of games
  • resolves player complaints

These are just a few of the criteria we take into account when preparing an assessment. If we find that a casino no longer meets these criteria, we will remove them from our list of reputable casinos.